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Hey good people
Last night while trying (and failing) to mentally count all my single burner stoves, decided an inventory was in order.  This morning was one of the cool and dewy mornings with still air promising alot of heat later in the day, a good time to do this.  Starting pulling them out of the garage and basement.
There are two more 70s era 502s stored at my rural property up nort der (that's a Minnesota expression).  Only two are shelf queens, the 501 for obvious reasons and the WWII 520 (my only unfired APG).  One propane burner, the pink picnic model converted to use modern fuel canisters. Included the Kampkook because it can and has boiled water, albeit very slowly.  Three wood stoves in front get a fair amount of use, as I like to go canoe camping and don't wish to carry large amounts of liquid fuel.  I have not used the Swedish Trangia brass alcohol stoves in quite awhile, 20 years ago I did and thought they were wonderful.  Checked to see all the knobs and levers were still working and the fired up the three 530s the Svea123  and the brown 400.  I know I have another heat drum for the 501, but forgot to include in this picture.
17 APG stoves total counting the 2 missing 502s, 3 wood stoves, 2 alcohol stoves, plus another home made alcohol stove.
Good thing they don't take up too much space.
Nice bunch.
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Nice varied group of singles.

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Wow, Nice group you got there. Now witch one to use ðŸ˜„
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That's a nice group.  Make a spreadsheet while you have them all out.
- Courtenay
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Good show, Willy! You've got some cool pieces there for sure.

I've only got one 502 w/cook kit. 'Though it may be a nice one, one doesn't qualify as a collection  ðŸ˜‚

— L.J.
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