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Show your Flannel shirts. What companies do you like. Any good US or Canadian Made Flannel shirts that you have bought that you really like to wear?
Leviticus Tomethreus
Never worn flannel in my life
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I have a few but not worth showing. Just plain ole big box store types. The front where the button hole is always curls so they need ironed to look good. My wife doesn't iron clothes so the shirts stay in the closet. They look more like pajama tops they are so cheap looking.
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I used to get some made by "Five Brother" and they were great. Heavy flannel, kept their shape and lasted for years but they quit years ago. It seems like I saw their return a year or so ago but the shirts weren't the same quality.  Probably the best I have now come from Duluth Trading. Kind of expensive though. 
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I've always had good service from any clothing I've bought from LL Bean.
North West Florida

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I have one I've worn some 20+ years..  LL Bean
Walmart ..... now you know what stage of life I'm in .......
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My two good heavy flannel shirts came from Tractor Supply...

Chautauqua County, New York
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My favorite flannel piece of clothing (its too warm for wearing here in Tennessee yet) is flannel lined jeans from Diamond Gusset jeans. Come home after a rough day and slide into jeans that feel like pajamas........... nothing more relaxing!
Mine are Field and Stream. Nothing fancy, just durable and comfortable.
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Ok, I'll show my flannel shirt.  This was taken last night.  I am sporting a St. John's Bay but I do my shopping at the thrift store.
Ok,  so I have been wearing 100% cotton flannel long-sleeved plaid shirts for 60 years, work, dress and play.  I am always on the lookout for them and measure today's quality over the past 60 years.  As a boy, Sears, Penney's, Woolworth's, ........... all had USA made quality products.  Been the vintage store route when polyester first hit the market and new pickings were thin. Some of my favorites are heavy vintage Woolrich, Eddie Bauer and LLBean of which I have a couple for over 30 years and the old Ralph Lauren  "Chaps"  brand.  For today, Carhartt makes some really nice 100% cotton and I have a heavy organic cotton Patagonia but they are pricey.  There is a $10 shirt that pops up at a certain national store every now and again but I'm not giving that tip up on the http://www.  So, I was 10 and my mom said, you want that shirt pressed?? Do it your self and here is how.  I can't imagine how many I have ironed in 60 years.  
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I like the burly weight flannels from Duluth Trading Company but unfortunately not made in the USA. I just try and catch them on sale.
Mel Taylor
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Barbour. I am too cheap to buy them, but my girlfriend gets them for me sometimes. 

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