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Due to the current circumstances, liabilities and risks, the Fall Gathering that I was planning for October is cancelled. I'm sorry  it has to be this way, but an organized gathering just isn't in the cards. After a focus group discussion picked across the board to discuss the topic.  the concensus was to hold off until Spring 2021. 

There were some  people who discussed a meet up somewhere, however, I am leaving that up to you all and I will continue to plan like we were going to do last spring. WE WILL MEET AGAIN, I PROMISE...But officially the current ORGANIZED gathering that was planned gor OCTOBER is CANCELLED.
Scott Seely ICCC #1394
Thanks Scott for all the hard work you've done trying to get this going.
Bill H ICCC #1017
Sears Collectors Club #5
G-mod Syndicate #002
BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #023
Well that stinks....
If It's Coleman
ICCC #793
275 Appreciation Syndicate #60
The Coleman Blues 243's #44
adkbill wrote:
Thanks Scott for all the hard work you've done trying to get this going.

Frank6160 wrote:
Well that stinks....

I  cant say it any better.

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