200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.


SInce the pandemic we've been upping our game for meat buying  so we
bought a Seal-a-meal this week.

Of course, it does a fine job with food but i got thinking of all
sorts alternative uses -

- important papers

- collections of tools and small parts for specific jobs?

- a stash of cash, keys and credit card under the car?

I can't be the first guy who's thought of this


Anybody else ? 

Important papers, yes. Under the car, no. I don’t think that they are thick enough. They are nice to keep an emergency food/cash/clothes cache in the car backpack. Compressed the air out of everything and food can be separated but still kept in a single unit. If you don’t mind the waste they work well for organizing your clothes while backpacking. 
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Looking for B-Day dates of 6/80, 2/84, 3/11, and 12/13
I've stored carbide for the miner's lamps, in small usable amounts, so the entire batch is not exposed to oxygen/moisture in the air.  Works pretty well.  I have several packets going on 5 years, and they look fine.
I recently had to fix my vacuum sealer.  On mine, where you place the open end of the bag between the gaskets, there is a narrow drip tray to catch any juices that get sucked out.  I clean the tray each use, but discovered when it quit "sucking," there was a very tiny orifice in the center of the port that the moisture tray sat in, evidently where the business end of the vacuum happens.  It was clogged with residue and blocking the system.  Little soap and water and an old toothbrush got it going like new.  Sort of like cleaning out the FA tube on a lantern!
I take several pairs of gloves and a few head covers and seal them up at the start of cold weather.  Keep a set in my blind bag, work truck,  here and there.  Dry and warm in case rain or a fall,  or even working out in inclement weather.  
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I save over garden seeds for the next year, either surplus or new seed.

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Yes, vacuum sealers are wonderful for all kinds of food storage plus everything others list above. 

As long as you don't buy the cheapest models, one should give you years of use. 
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