200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
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Quick Cal
I got a pretty nice 200A today as part of a package deal. The package included the 200A, 1 very nice clam shell case with a nice 220k in it, and 1 dirty clam shell case with a crusty 220k in it. I think the case will clean up.

The 200 has a few bumps and bruises, but over all great shape I think. But I'm new. I just might be excited. One bad thing is someone scratched some numbers on the bottom of it. It's going to need took apart and cleaned to get it working. I'll start another thread on it in the tech section for that. 

I got all 3 lanterns and the 2 cases for $95. Did I do ok. I was hoping the case would fit the 200 but no such luck. I don't care about the 220k's, but had to bundle to get a deal.

I was lead to all this because I went and got the Fast Flame in my other thread. Dang I'm broke. Can you guys chip in on some fuel and mantles for me,,,,lol. And maybe some Romain noodles.

 photo 20190515_1959491_zpshvinklid.jpg

 photo 20190515_2000471_zpseh2f3bz4.jpg

 photo 20190515_2001281_zpsw4zle9is.jpg

 photo 20190515_2002381_zpskonqooa9.jpg

 photo 20190515_2004181_zpssh5jagnh.jpg
You did just fine, broken down in pieces the items singularly are worth easily what you paid. Very nice 58 200a with green sunrise globe. 
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Quick Cal
REJ2 wrote:
You did just fine, broken down in pieces the items singularly are worth easily what you paid. Very nice 58 200a with green sunrise globe. 

Glad to hear someone else say that besides me walking around the store,,,lol.
The clamshell cases seem to bring good money. Everything looks nice 👍🏻
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I'd say that 200A is in fine condition.


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Nice!!  I would have definitely paid that for those items but then again I never find anything in the wild. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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You got lanterns, I got ramen for ya.  FOB Lompoc!  ;-)  C'mon by.

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