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Campfire explosion in Perth the result of vandalism, family suggests

Author of the article: Andrew Duffy

Publishing date:Jul 08, 2020 • Last Updated 25 minutes ago • 2 minute read

Article content

A 7-year-old boy with burns to half his body may have been the victim of a deliberate act of vandalism, according to an aunt who says a propane cannister was buried in a fire pit that exploded with devastating results Saturday evening.

Andrea Persaud said her nephew was airlifted to CHEO where he remains with serious burns to 50 per cent of his body.

Canada Day 2020

“We have found out someone had buried a small propane tank in the fire pit and police are investigating,” Persaud said in a GoFundMe post. “This is a very traumatic experience not only for my nephew and my niece, who also suffers burns on her thighs and legs, but for the whole family.”

The Lanark County OPP detachment refused to confirm Tuesday that investigators are examining the possibility that a propane tank was deliberately buried in the fire pit at Tay River Tent and Trailer Park, near Perth. The incident was reported to police “as the explosion of a buried propane cylinder at a campfire.”

“The investigation is ongoing,” a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Persaud’s GoFundMe page has raised more than $17,000 for her stricken relatives in less than 24 hours. She said the money will go towards covering medical and rehabilitation costs for her nephew, and lost wages for the family.

“My sister is self-employed and during this time will most likely not be able to work,” Persaud said. “Any amount donated will help my sister and her family cover those costs and be able to focus on caring for her son and healing from such a traumatic experience.”

Three people were injured in the campfire explosion that brought police, firefighters and paramedics racing to the scene, just east of Christie Lake, at 10:30 p.m. Saturday. The two other burn victims were treated and released from hospital.

Hans Gretener, co-owner of the Tay River Trent and Trailer Park, said Tuesday that he has advised all of the campers in the park to check their fire pits for buried propane cannisters.

“We told everyone to check their fire pits,” said Gretener, who has owned and operated the trailer park with his wife, Brigitte, for 23 years.

Police have fingerprinted what remained of the exploded cannister, he said, adding that it’s possible that the cannister had been buried undiscovered in the fire pit for years. He said the cannister was a small, green tank, the kind that normally provides fuel for a camp stove.

“Basically, it’s still under investigation, and we know nothing,” Gretener said. “All we know is that a tank exploded.”

Gretener said the family injured by the propane explosion has for many years rented a seasonal trailer site at the park. Most seasonal campers, he added, use large propane tanks to bbq and not the small propane cannisters.

On her Facebook page, Andrea Persaud said the family remains “in complete shock.” “I still can’t believe that this actually happened even after speaking to my sister my mother, and even seeing the pictures,” she said.

She was only a moonshiner's daughter, but I loved her still.

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So sorry to read this story.  Let's hope that the little boy recovers.  That's a sicko for sure that would conceal a propane cylinder in a fire pit.  
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
That is sad. Never surprised at what goes on in the world these days. Little fellow will be scarred for life as well as may never want to camp again. Hopefully he'll recover fully.
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such a tragedy. Thanks for posting this Ed.
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Thanks for sharing Ed, What an awful thing to do. HOPEFULLY the police will find the person (s) responsible for this. Thoughts and prayers go out to their family. That little boy and his sister have a long road ahead of them.. 
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I posted this as a guide for people who are camping. Please check what is in the pit before you light a fire. A fire pit is for pleasure, not a garbage dump.
She was only a moonshiner's daughter, but I loved her still.

I keep my tools sharp...but my mind sharper!
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So sad to hear this story.  I do not understand what would possess anyone to do such a thing. 
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Sad for the family and injured children for sure.

I had to delete what I started to type.  Stories like this get my BP boiling over...
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Propane bottles are found in a lot of fire pits. Always check the ashes before ignition. Should be a deposit on the empties. 
so we now have to worry about fire pits. why are people doing this.
This was probably not intentional, we all know people think a fire pit is a garbage can and I believe even an empty container would explode if heated. Just another example of people being stupid and causing harm to others. I' m amazed at the crap people throw in fire pits.
Terrible for the little one and their family.  Thanks for posting it.  If we camp in a public grounds I will definitely be more aware.
What an awful story! I've always been reluctant to cook food over established campfire pits knowing how lots of people burn trash like plastics and who knows what else. Thanks for posting this story. The thought of toxins has crossed my mind before, but I hadn't considered a scenario like this with exploding propane bottles.
First, I feel for the child and the family, any burn can be serious.
As to the propane cylinder in the fire pit, where was any ADULT supervision? The fire pits that I've seen in state, fed and private campgrounds are less then 10" deep [old truck rim or rocks] and only have the lower area covered in dirt and ash, any cylinder would be easy to see. If the pit has been filled with paper trash from before sift thru it before placing your wood and lighting the fire. Just saying.
Sick and wrong. 
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