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Is there a threshold of the amount of rust inside of the fount that is acceptable? I rinsed it with CF and its coming out clean, but I can still see some rust when I look in through the filler cap with my flashlight. The rust is patchy (30% coverage) and still see unrusted clean metal. Trying to determine when BB or citric acid is needed. Whats your protocol?  


That probably depends on your level of feeling the need to "do something". If you use some fresh fuel, the lantern will run as is and last as long as it will if you go thru some cleaning gyrations.
I like heated evaporust
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I like heated evaporust

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My threshold for internal rusting is pretty low. I'd say I wouldn't tolerate even the slightest flash rust inside the fount. A little on the outside where it could be seen and worked on later would still be ok for me.
My reason is because rust is pernicious. It is a catalyst for further rusting. It acts continuously, especially when you're off guard. I don't have a habit to regularly inspect or maintain the fount's internals or ensuring its well-filled with fresh fuel to remain moisture-free all the time.
Therefore, I'd completely remove all rust first and then passivate the steel with chemicals before use. That'll make the steel far less prone to rusting even when it is empty and left exposed in a moist environment for a while.

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