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So yesterday was a day let me tell you, first I couldn’t sleep so I start wandering around CL and marketplace and decide I’m gonna put together an emergency/power outage kit for a friend.

I find someone selling a 228e for cheap so I message him and he responds immediately I tell What I want and maybe more depending on the dates on them he had 7 listed, he says he’s meeting someone at 12:45 who might buy them all and if I can get there first he’ll sell to me, so off I go to make the 40 minute drive.

 I meet and pick out the 228 and start checking dates he ask me what I’m looking for and I say 11-78 for my brother and the first one he picks up is 10-78 220, my heart sank so damn close meanwhile I pick up a 220 nothing interesting but the next one I pick up was CL2 and holy crap it’s my birthday lantern 1-83 (second pic) and if was leaking CF out the pump tube ok no problem easy fix I’m beyond excited, so I decided I’ll take 295 (first pic) too don’t have One so why not by the way it’s running on the RUG that it came with.

 I had messaged another person about a 275 again didn’t have one so why not but hadn’t heard back from them, soI asked a friend if they wanted to have lunch and as we’re eating I hear back from the poster and set a meet time.

I arrived at there house and she had 3 275’s for sale and 5 cl’s cl1’s and cl2’2 her father was  a collector, two of the 275’s were in original boxes and one was not I look at one in a box date was 12-79 and unfired with instructions and  silk lite mantels I decided to take this one for me, she ask what date I’m looking for again 11-78 since I got lucky. she checks the one without a box no match also an unfired one. she grabs the last one while I’m putting mine back in it’s box and she asked what the date was again so I tell her and she says I think I have it. and sure enough I check and it is meanwhile I’m trying not to jump around like an idiot did I mention this one is unfired with original box, instructions and silk lites (third pic) mine is on the left brother's on the right mine was sold at Fred Meyer’s for we think 21.90, brothers came from JCPenney no price tag just a shipping label, I checked the other lanterns all in plastic cases and used but nothing interesting so off Igo happy as a clam.

 I get text message as I’m leaving Yakima from the last person I put feelers out with for a stove for the friend’s kit, location is on the way home so I tell her I can be there in a little while she says that’s fine, I get there and it’s a farm operation and she  basically take me into a small warehouse full of stuff we walk all the way to the back and see three cases on the floor and instantly see what I’m looking for turns out to be a 413G (4th pic with the 295 and CL2 on the stove sitting on a aluminum stand) it’s  a lot beat up but I know it’ll run just fine, she had a 426 and a smaller 425 and some profane stuff I pay the lady and I’m off to stop at home then drive to my brother to give him his lantern and get everything else cleaned up and working. Sorry no pics of they 228 it needed a generator which is on it’s way but the fount held pressure and I asked my brother to sand blast burner cage and rest so it’ll be running shortly.

All in all a wild and exciting day finding both our birthday lanterns in the wild, sorry for the long post.

Wow,  you did have an exciting day with lots of scores to show for it!


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Congratulations!  I check the Yakima CL, too.  Sure didn't find the excitement you did.
That's quite a full day, Robert.  Congrats on your GPA haul.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Sounds like you kept busy!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Sounds pretty good if you're happy.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
What a great story Robert. And what a very nice haul. Ya did good for sure!!
Dave                                                       BernzOmatic Appreciation Club #1957
Great story and great day!
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Two birthday lanterns in one day, wow!
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Looking for birthday lanterns 11/58, 3/68, 3/73, 11/96, 6/97, 11/97, 12/00
Nice score on the B-day lanterns! Now you can illuminate those milestones in style...
Interesting day you had; sounds like the thrill of the hunt...nice stuff there!
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Gasman64 wrote:
Nice score on the B-day lanterns! Now you can illuminate those milestones in style...
Interesting day you had; sounds like the thrill of the hunt...nice stuff there!

My brother already said his 275 is staying unfired as will my 275, but my birthday CL2 will get used as much as possible.

Thanks everyone.

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