200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Found an add online for a warehouse full of antiques that looked pretty cool so asked if they had any Coleman lanterns. Got a reply that said they had a few. They didn’t have much but was very pleased with what they had. First thing I saw was what looked to be a normal somewhat crusty 220 with a reflector, but upon closer inspection it was a 220H with the ribbed collar. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never would have thought I would have found one these in the wild.
Looked around a little more and he brings me this little single burner stove and asks me what it is. I honestly didn’t know and with the dim lighting couldn’t see any markings on it either. We agreed to a price and off I went. At a stop light I picked up the little stove and in the daylight immediately saw US stamped on it. Then I see the rest of the markings, 
           M-1942 MOD
I then remembered seeing one on here before. First one I’ve seen in person before. Its missing a knob but overall is in good shape.Also picked up an old propane stove and a crusty 200A. 
Nice find on the ribbed base rest 220H. I got my second one on Monday. Yours is the 10th one found as of today. 
Id love to see that this weekend
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Congrats on those finds.
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Hi Stephen,  Congrats on the scores.  One rare and one uncommon score.  Did you find these in Madison?
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
BSAGuy wrote:
Hi Stephen,  Congrats on the scores.  One rare and one uncommon score.  Did you find these in Madison?

Thanks!! No, found in Greensboro, only about 20 miles south of Madison though.
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