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I used to think the epitome of Coleman Cute was the 200A/502 lantern/stove set.  I tend not to get too excited about anything that says Dual Fuel.  But then a couple of weeks ago, I was given a 226 lantern.  Okay, it was free, so I’ll see whether it works and if not, get it going again.  But then today on the way home from our grocery run, we saw a yard sale sign in our neighborhood and decided on a quick drive-by to see whether there was anything camp-related.  My wife spied a gallon of CF, so we stopped.  Also on the table was a 440 stove.  They were in the last half-hour of the sale, so everything was half the sticker price.  I bought the fuel and the stove, and realized that here in the course of the past few days, I may have to rethink my notion of Coleman Cute as regards lantern/stove sets.  I think the 226/440 set may have a higher cute quotient than my old favorites.  I’m not a fan of the gray color, but neither am I a fan of the 200A red (I wish burgundy were the common color).  Anyhow, it will be fun to get the new set up and running.

Nice pair! If you like your 226 now, you should find yourself a factory picket fence globe for it. Some of the coolest ones Coleman ever made in my opinion.
Toby Garner
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I don’t think anyone would say that pair looks bad. Lucky finds on both.🙂 
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TwoCanoes wrote:
I think the 226/440 set may have a higher cute quotient than my old favorites.

Yes indeed, Stewart; that pair takes cuteness to a higher level. 😊
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A free 226 and a 1/2 off 440 stove? I could deal with that in any color.
Jim Brizzolara
If your definition of cute includes being small, there's the Coleman Xcursion, but it was designed for the now obsolete Powermax canisters.  With an adapter, I'm able to refill mine with the current production butane/propane canisters.

The Xcursion is on the far right.  Forget the non-Coleman one in the middle.  That one quickly became as useful as a Bic lighter that ran out of fuel.

Xcursion light-up.jpg   


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I definitely agree, I find all the mini lanterns cute.  But I tend to find the collarless 222s or 229s even cuter.  Here’s my 222B and my european 442 stove.



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