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I just got my first 237 cleaned up and running. It's my first Kerosene lantern. I noticed it has a ceramic burner cap. The vent is not in the best shape. It was a good chance to learn about a different model.

Here's what it looked like when I got it.

Here's what it looks like now. Not a shelf queen, but a nice and clean lantern.
DSCF1846small.jpg  DSCF1872small.jpg 

And now the pics you want to see. I have Peerless 11's for it but the one on it is a Coleman #11. 
20180310_140625small.jpg  20180310_142616small.jpg 
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Very nice clean up man!
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Nice clean up. That's actually a decent looking vent considering. The kero chews thru the porcelain like it has teeth.
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Very Nice work. I just did my first 237 recently. I've been running it a lot lately. Love it.

Looking good! I have it bad for 237s lately.
No honey its not another lamp,just parts for one I already have. ICCC #1479
Nice restoration on that one. 237's are wonderful beasts.
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VERY nice fettle!
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You put some work into cleaning up that one and the lantern responded well. Your efforts paid off, as you have a beautiful lantern now.


steve p
Great job on the restoration. They are powerful lanterns.

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That cleaned up really nice! 

I like the spider webs in the before picture.
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That looks GREAT!  Reminds me I have some 236's that need attention
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Great work Andy, it looks really nice now! Good to know it just won't sit on a shelf; 237s are nice to use.
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Clean as a whistle and shiny as a new pin.

Good job, Andy!


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