200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
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My 202 is dated 8-57 on the side of the fount, and B stamp on the bottom. I'd be interested in a summary of the data if available. 
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55-5 on Brass bottom
Just picked up a "dual date" 4 58 on the fount and 1 58 on the bottom.

One in every public place...

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Found one on e-bay--the seller claims the fount is stainless steel--current bid is $42---I didn't think Coleman ever made founts of stainless--
When were the brass founts with nickel plating discontinued?
You are correct, no stainless fount. Likely nickel plated brass and the seller is naive.

Edit: please re-read that listing. It is a well respected seller. It says the burner frame is stainless which is correct. Usually the bail was stainless too.
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Here are mine, from the left: 8 54, 5 55, 1 61 ("B" on bottom), 7 61 (no "B") Click image for larger version - Name: 0430161554a-1024x576.jpg, Views: 252, Size: 190.66 KB
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FWIW My 202 is dated 1 60 on the side under the Logo and has a B stamped on the bottom.
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WYSIWYG wrote:
Just picked up a "dual date" 4 58 on the fount and 1 58 on the bottom.

Bottoms must have been made and dated in January.  Throughout the year they put the pieces together.  I too have a 1-58 bottom, but side is 12/58.  I call it a 12 58.

This 3 year old thread is back.
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It's a good thread. I like looking at the 202s. Couple of them look really fine.

I could only imagine seeing one in the store and bringing it home new. I never saw one in a store. In fact I never saw a nickel plated lantern until I came here (and ebay came about).

I still don't see many. In southern California we had 200A's, 220's and 228's. Green and red. Once in a while I would see a 242C at a swap meet. not often.

And quite a few I have only seen one of- It's mine.
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