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I'm converting 5466A stove to a gimballed stove for my sailboat. I need to get rid of the hard tube style regulator and preferably replace it with a 1/2 inch flare nut fitting. This would make it easier for the stove to swing and allow me to plumb it to an external grill sized tank with a regulator. I have found plenty of these fittings for the Blackstone griddle that look awfully similar to the Coleman style regulator. Any advice would be appreciated. I've also seen quick connect replacements to plumb into RV systems. I would prefer something that threads since a propane leak on a  boat can go boom! 

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Although some folks here may be able to help, have you stopped into a propane dealer and asked them?  These folks can make up hoses and may even have required fittings or be able to adapt to what you have.  By propane dealer, I don't mean places where you just fill tanks, but places that sell propane appliances and can make up replacement hoses when necessary.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.

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