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Yosemite John
I was replacing the vent after cleaning the globe on my 228C and tightened the nut enough to flake off a small amount of the green enamel finish.

It's not the end of the world but I'm still on covid lock down and looking for things to do.
Is there an approved fix for this?
A Happy Camper
afraid not , never tighten the vent nuts , keep em loose .
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Inky Ford
Get a vent nut with a wider base to cover the flaked spot.
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[sCo_idk].......or use a washer along with the nut to cover the spot that....."flake'd off a small amount of the green enamel finish"

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You flaked off some green porcelain, not paint. If it's really small, just enjoy it.
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Yosemite John
Thanks.  A little "character" won't hurt.
A Happy Camper
My Name Is Earl
Most of user lanterns found in the wild will have a chip or more gone. Common thought is to tighten nuts and screws down hard. Just not when directly in very hot environments though. Did any company literature ever offer an expansion warning or how-to of the correct  tension on the nut?
I have often thought about buying a 1/4” stainless fender washer at the hardware store and “dishing” it a bit with a ball peen hammer. Make a little shiny, stainless woops cover.
I use brass washers from the hardware store or the copper fuel injector washers at the bottom of diesel fuel injectors both work very well.
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
I've used High Temp VHT Flame proof paint. 

They only make green, red, and black IIRC and they are dull not glossy. Just light the lantern and spray some paint into the paint can cap. Use a small artist size paint brush or flux brush to apply while the lantern is burning. If you can get four or five coats on it - quickly- it should stand up to use. 

Let the lantern run for 10-15 minutes and shut it down.
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