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Well about 3-4 weeks ago I found this table and stool set on FB Marketplace.  It was in Orange, TX, about a 2 hour drive from me.  Luckily I have friends there who helped me out by picking it up for me until I could get there.

The table is in pretty decent shape, has a little rust and one of the leg brackets has been repaired.  Other than that there seems to be no issues.  The canvas is still on all the stools, but I'm not sure they can take my 240 pound weight. IMG_1957-2.jpg 


I am not very familiar with these, all I do know is that this version has the double metal handles and double clasps.  If anyone can tell me roughly what year this was made, I'd appreciate it.


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Demonstrating the proper use of the stools:


I still need to make a shallow box to go over one of the stools so it becomes an end table--somewhere to sit my beer.
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Congrats, Brian!  Looks to be in great condition.  You might find some info here:
Thanks, Mark.  Looking at that thread, it appears mine is the Model 640, with the screw-type brackets, made in the mid-50s.

Timm, I think you have the right idea to use as a footstool.  The shallow box seems like a great idea too.  We're always looking for places to set our drinks down!

The only other issue was that one of the original leg bracket screws was missing but I found nearly exact copies at my local Lowe's.  


Mil-Spec Ops #1929

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Agreed, foot stool or duffel stand.  (helps keep your clothes dry and less likely to get critters)

Also a vote for the "shallow box" - I've done this with those useless cloth "end tables" to make a useful hard top table and even a long, if if not very tall "stove table" for overnight trips.  (I used 2 of the cloth  "end tables" for a longer table)

an old wood stool:

as a duffel stand:

As a table: - The top is 1/4" recycled paneling ply, and 1X1's glued and screwed to the edges.  Quick and easy to make.  I use 1X2's for the larger ones.


Here is the larger table with the "Umbrella tables" as a base:  I did use a 5th piece in the middle for more support. and a tight fit to the base pieces:
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Nice find, Brian. That set looks pretty clean! I hope to run across one of those someday as well. 

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