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If some of you may have written me off in terms of collecting due to a lack of 'look what I found posts'... well, I'm here to show you otherwise 😉

Basically, I really have not been that active in acquiring lanterns over the past year or so due to work and what-not, just a few here and there. Recently I picked the pace up a bit via direct contact or online. I wanted to share a few things that are waiting for me in the UK when I can get over there post-covid. It makes me want to hurry up and travel!

(p.s. none of the photos are mine, when I get my hands on this lot you can be sure I'll post more!!!)

Thanks for looking!

1. An unfired, with box, 3-76 425E stove. 
This was a BIN in the UK. I already have a 421 and 426 both I use at home and away. I could not resist this 'brand-new' stove. I know you guys in the US are tripping over them, and cannot give them away, but this side of the pond you mostly get the dual-fuel horrid stoves - and priced at the same level I got this one for. After thinking about it and persuading myself I really did not need it (and talking to Tony W about it) I could not help but BIN it... after all, it would cost me almost what I paid just in shipping from the US if I took that route.
435E 1.jpg  435E 2.jpg  435E 3.jpg  435E 4.jpg 

2. A relatively OK Northstar
I bought this just 'coz I don't have one. I don't think there is any other excuse. It was hardly used and with box, so I see it as a nice-to-have addition to the collection, and I can light it.
Nothstar 1.jpeg  Nothstar 2.jpeg 

3. 1939 249 Scout
Another online buy, not the cheapest, but I wanted this because of the glass and the pre-heat cup. It should clean up nicely.
249 1.jpg  249 2.jpeg  249 3.jpeg 

4. West German Turm 38 spirit stove
This is a cute alcohol stove. I first saw one last year when we had fondue a the Swiss meeting. I thought they were cool. The other day I was looking around and one popped up that I missed. So I found another one. Erwin is now looking after it for me until we can meet up, hopefully in the fall this year. (This is not my stove, but it's the same so you get the idea)
turm 38.jpeg 

4. And now for the grand finale. A pair of 241a's.
One is 'standard' nickel, if you can call any 241a "standard". The other is special because it's green painted. These come from someone I count as a very good collector friend on here who offered them up. It did not take much to say 'yes'... Thank you, sir!
241a 1.jpeg  241a 2.jpeg  241a 3.jpeg 
Ian - Looking for these dates 7/82, 7/92, 8/93, 9/03, 11/05, 5/17
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Quality over quantity, looks like you’ve been busy!
Thank you
I frighten easily!

My current shade is Coleman!!

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Ian - nice ones, something to be said for quality v quantity !
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Glad to see you are doing your part in stimulating the world wide staggering economy.😎
Awesome finds. The Northstar is a great lantern, you'll love burning it. The 249 is a great piece as well. The 241 duo speaks for itself. Congrats.
Oh and I even forgot...

5. A lantern tree hanger! Also unused
Ian - Looking for these dates 7/82, 7/92, 8/93, 9/03, 11/05, 5/17
ICCC #1480 | ICCC co-webmaster

Not entirely sure you can blame me for the stove,they don't come much nicer than that one, i don't even own a stove but seeing the little alcohol  turm i could be swayed! You can never have too many 249s looks like that one will clean up nicely, congrats on some good finds😁
No honey its not another lamp,just parts for one I already have. ICCC #1479
Dang Ian, you have been on a roll recently.  First your ICCC package shows up, yay, and now you have scored some nice lanterns and stoves!  Congrats! 
Real nice stuff. 

That's a years worth of good scores for most!
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All nice finds, good for you!  Even that 425 is a nice find, especially being unfired.

I'm pretty sure no one here had written you off.  🙂


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a pair of 241's is kinda rubbing it in Ian !!! :-)
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Congrats on the great finds Ian! 
Don't worry, we don't write off our own...
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Ian,  Really FAB finds!! Especially the 249 and 241As. I am doing a globe guide for 200/242 style lanterns (eventually) and wanted to ask your permission to use your photo in it. I give photo credits so if yes please let me know what you last name is, or how you would like it to read. You could PM me or?
Thanks, Gary
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Ian, I hadn't written you off at all! It's been a long time (years) since I've made any posts about finds...(but then, I'm not out looking much at all.)  That's some really nice stuff you've found, so good for you! The unfired stove is especially nice, considering where you are.
Oh, wait just a minute!! TWO 241As??
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Congratulations Ian.
You were very successful. [Yeah]
From what I read your collction is growing pretty fast.
I'm envying you specifically for the 241's.
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Nice scores!!
- Courtenay
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