200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I plan to restore a 725 with the blue shiny finish. I'll remove the rust then heat until it blues, remove and?
Any experience doing this?
I have also considered using a cold blue treatment--same as I do guns and parts.
I've used "the works" toilet cleaner to remove rust on gun barrels that I've redone. It removes the bluing as well. Then I just use the cold blue kits. I plan on doing the same to a few of my perfection Hester's when the weather is better also.
I've used cold bluing on some parts and like the results. If it has high heat though paint is my go to. A 500 deg engine enamel would work with that and there are many colors to choose from - maybe even a blue/black that's close to what you want. 
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