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Found a Quick Meal number 23 stove made by the Quick Meal Stove Company with a 1901 to 1929 time frame. Got it running.
My question, if it is a unique 10 or less type object, is it better to make it run or not try to run it at all?  In this case, I realized that I did not have another generator and if I needed one, chances were slim I could find another.

A rare item does not translate into increased money value but it brings with it maintenance issues.
If I use the stove, the generator may wear out through normal use.   I know recent stoves need generator replacements.    Other Coleman items usually have replacement parts available. 

Just wondering what others think about this, Thanks.
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If it were an unfired example, I'd be, (maybe), hesitant to use it.  As this one has some mileage, I'd say light it up!  You can't take it with you when you go, so why not enjoy it while you're able?  Share an outdoor cooking experience with a friend or loved one using that rare, cool stove.  We're only around for a short while, share the GPA love and don't look back.  If it breaks, well, its now a shelf queen until you can find parts - but you enjoyed it while you were able.
Just my two cents.  Bottom line, its your stove, you do what you feel will bring you the most joy.

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That’s a tough choice for sure. At my current age and newness to this hobby/addiction, the satisfaction from having an item that is from that time period doing its job and doing better than the newer stuff always puts a smile on my face. 

I’ve seen multiple people spend $100k on a classic car restoration and then be afraid to ever drive it. Obviously this is different but what joy is it to have anything that makes life more stressful. It’s yours and do what satisfies you. 
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Beautiful stove, but for me the joy is watching them burn. I personally would use it probably not 2 pounds of bacon but a cup of coffee or something simple.

i got to see them do what they are supposed to do.
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An occassional run say every 6 months or so will probably do the stove/lamp some good. Keeps fuel running past the seals and may even minimise the risk of condensation forming in the tank.

As others have remarked get some joy out of using such a rarity instead of just being a shelf queen.
Hey, I walked around the last CCF SouthEast gathering with my NuLite Giant burning hot and bright.  I don't know if it's really rare but it's the oldest lantern I've got and I enjoyed burning it. 
Nulite giant 4.jpg

None of our lanterns or stoves are really high tech, a generator is really just a brass tube with some springs and a rod inside, and if you really needed to I bet you could make one.  The hardest part would be the gas tip and there are plenty of Coleman gas tips around.

I'd be surprised if a member here hadn't done that already.

I say enjoy your stove!

I would say that normal use at regular intervals keeps things in better condition than sitting in a garage somewhere. Just look at how you received the stove...years of sitting around neglected. Generators can be cleaned. I have no hesitance about burning old gpa's, as that is what they were made to do.
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I have a similar situation with a PW stove pre-Wisconsin, Rapids name change (1918, Grand Rapids, WI.) and I made a point to get it running if possible. It was and I did however I won't use it again unless simply testing it.

There are plenty of 413's and 426's in my stable to be my runners on a regular basis. 

You have a true shelf-queen IMO but it's yours so do with it what you want. 
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