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I just stumbled upon this YouTube video entitled "The Quiet Life of the King of the Mountain." It's only about three minutes long.

The guy featured has been working in a Montana fire lookout every summer for years. Pretty interesting and something I'd like to try for a summer. 

If you watch carefully you can see a Coleman lantern hanging from the ceiling. 

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Great video, Shane!  What a way to spend the summers. 
My youngest son and I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the Deadman Fire Lookout Tower in northern Colorado for a few years now.  Usually our stays only last a couple of days due to the short 10-week season and 30 or so volunteers that also enjoy manning the tower.

With the cab just under 11,000', sometimes the clouds are below us.

Unfortunately Deadman Tower is to remain closed this summer due to Covid-19.  The good news is we are going to be able to work on different projects that we are unable to do when the tower is open to the public.  We have to follow the guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitizing but looking forward to fixing up the tower this summer and getting it ready for next year.
I'm sort of surprised there are any still active. I thought that they had all been taken over with satellite observation.
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The Deadman Tower was deemed a historic tower in the early 90’s.  While part of our ‘job’ is to glass for smoke/fires, we are mainly there to greet the public and answer any questions they may have regarding the tower and surroundIng areas.  During real busy wildfire periods, the USFS has kicked us out and manned the tower.  Here’s a link with more info.

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