200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Super excited, bought a 1925 Quick Lite Lantern. I want to restore it, but have never had one this old. I have a bunch of questions. Was going to post a photo but with the picture the file is to large. 

1. Where can I get a reproduction mica chimney?
2. Should I keep the generator with the tip cleaner. Or get the period correct generator?
3. Want to clean the inside of the font. Advice please.
4. Need a hand pump. What can I use until I find a Colman one?
5. Is the vent made of brass?
6. Any other tips or advice would be appreciated. 

Thanks in Advance
Michael James
1) Fred Kuntz makes beautiful and period-correct mica chimneys. He's a member here--I think his handle is Micaman.
2) Your call. The #55 gen is from later, but the tip cleaner is handy. The Q99 pigtail gen is period-correct, but needs to be removed to clean the jet when it infrequently needs it. I think I have mine out every hundred hours running or so.
3) Search here fro cleaning nickel and brass. Try a search for "BB dance". Also search for "dunk test" to be sure your lantern is sound and safe to use.
4) Search again. I just posted a thread on this last week--I think it's called "Forgot the pump?"
5) Yes. Nickel plated brass. It should be, and likely is not, held together by a swaged brass ferrule.
6) Light it up and use it. The old Quickies are great runners and very quiet. You might want to have a "user" vent, as your nice shiny nickel/brass one will turn brown within a few minutes of use.
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Timm has given good advice. Suggest you spend some time searching other threads as your questions have been asked and answered many times with lots of opinions. 

Fred Kuntz who makes the reproduction shades is NOT micaglobe member. He can be reached by phone or email. Again, search and you should find his contact info. 

The QuickLites are quiet smooth running lanterns with few parts. You can use an image resizing app to make your pics smaller or host them on flickr or imgur and post the links. We like to see pics!

welcome to the group. 
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Looks like you will be well on your way with the answers above so I just add the following:
Welcome, from Colorado!
Thanks Guys!!!

This is great Forum. I will get some pics up soon. 
Michael James
I found a cheap plastic hand pump at Walmart for inflating balls - it cost $4-5 and works fine.  It comes with a standard inflation needle and a rounded plastic tip - the plastic tip is what I use for my QL.  I found the pump in the sporting equipment aisle.

There's also a seller on eBay that sells brass Amish-made hand pumps for around $20.  I haven't seen them in person but they look nice and much closer to the originals than my Walmart pump.  Search for pitman_marine on eBay and you should find them easily.
Bill R.
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