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First off, my name is Ron. I found this forum after finding a few lanterns at some yard sales I went to over the weekend. I think I got a heck of a deal but I wanted to share my find to see what people think here.

I don't see myself as a collector of any sorts but I saw this and had to jump on it.

I was wondering what something like this would be worth and if I decide to actually use it, could I use regular gas? The guy I bought it from said it would use any type of liquid fuel. At the same yard sale I picked up a minty condition 220J as well.
Thats a pretty nice Mil Spec, good score. Use Coleman fuel if you want the generator to last

Welcome to the forum...and, nice score!  The milspec is a tough lantern and a great burner.  Don't sell it...hang onto it and enjoy it.  Even though they're designed for use with regular gasoline, you'll be miles ahead if you burn Coleman fuel (naptha). 

looks like we have another one sucked in! welcome Ron before you know it you'll have many more -- after the first few they mulitply rapidly.
like it or not your a collector( 2 makes a collection) even if you don't know it yet lol.

nice milspec !

Welcome Ron.  That is a heck of a nice find for it to be your first one.  Want to bet that you have a dozen before the end of the year?  We got you now........ha, ha, ha......evil Halloween laugh.


Too bad that my first lantern wasn't a milspec.The 288's are waaay more common. Hang onto it,Ron.Find any reason to use it.Nice lantern.Enjoy it!-Bubba

So will now be a good time to mention that I got it AND the 220J for $6.00?

Also picked up 3 propane colemans at another yard sale for $10 bucks.
WOW AWESOME SCORE, 220J isn't too bad either, I like them
Good finds !!!

This deal just keeps getting better.-Bubba

You stole em!  $6.00 wow.  This is the kind of thing that gets people "hooked on Coleman".  Welcome!

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Not a collector, my good eye  At $6.00, you are now.  That, and you have been officially inducted into the   club.
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Someone else here would have come along to give you the hot tip on lighting that milspec.

Start with LOW pressure, like only five pumps of air in the fount. Crack the valve barely open and listen for the hiss of air from the generator to turn into the 'spitting' that means fuel has gone through. This can take almost a full minute. Get the match lit, hold it next to the mantle and crack the valve again. If there's any flare-up, you can close the valve until it dies down, then feather the valve--quick open and shut--to keep it going until it starts generating. Then, maybe twenty pumps more in the tank to operate.

Nice lanterns both.
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welcome Ron, 6 bucks!!!!!! man YOU SUCK

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The host of our site has the #252 Mil-Spec generator if you need one, about $20.00.  They are TANK lanterns.  Very LOUD.  It help to take off one of the glass panels, and top when lighting them.  Some times they flame up and get sooty with you.  LOW pressure to light is RIGHT.  About five pumps to start.  Take off the genny, and clean hole in the tip with the cleaning tool in the tool storage.  Careful not to bend the genny, it is aluminum.

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