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Hello all, I have a question about the Northstar and the Coleman deluxe PerfectFlow propane lanterns, from what I can see and read , both look exactly the same. Are there any differences between the two lanterns or any members own either of these two models ?  Any problems or cons owning either one ? It looks like the only difference between the two  is that  the globe has no markings and it comes with a case with the PerfectFlow. Thought I would ask here to find out exactly what differences if any there were.   I am looking for a compact propane lantern to use when I take my enclosed race car trailer out, need a compact propane lantern to light the outside pit stall when the generator is off.  I love my fuel 220H, 220F 220E's , but I really don't want to damage any of them , you can only pack so much into a 28' trailer, and being a T-7 para in a chair, room to put my supply's is limited. Thank you all for any information !  I love the forum, members already helped me track down a three piece nickel cap for my 47 220D.....think I will fit in nicely here !     Jay

Links to both lanterns :


Thanks !  Jay
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The North Star is a fuel hog and bright and has 40 more lumens than the other. Can't see much of a difference other than that. 

If you truly want a "compact propane lantern" check this one out. 
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Both of those lanterns are the same one, I like my Northstar, but of the two I have, one had a broken piezo electric starter, can't say much other than it is a very nice and easy to light lantern. be prepared to carry lots of propane bottles tough, one 1 pound bottle only lasts between 4 and 8 hours depending on how bright you have it. If you really need the light output, it would be easier to use a liquid fuel one, Mine goes around 7 hours on high, and around 9 hours on low setting.
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If you need a Sun Flame Generator Model 100-107 ( for Sunflame lanterns models 105, 106, 107 and 110) give me a PM, I have close to 80 of those, 15 bucks each.


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