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I am about to start disassembling a 427 lantern and I believe it has the Q99 generator Are these cleanable with a Bike  brake cable and drill after removing the tip? 

also I posted something yesterday looking for help to ID this lantern and Now I cant find the post. Is there an easy way to look for my posts? 
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One way is to click on your username and scroll down past your personal info and click on topics started  or check under followed content. 
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Bob, The Q99 has a packing inside.  If you drill it out, you will need to repack it.  There is a nice old thread by the late Chris Durbin that shows how he drilled them out with a cable like you suggest and then repack them.

Why don't you try soaking in acetone first.  If you remove the tip and blow through the bottom and can make bubble in a glass of water, it is fine.  The tip can be pricked with a 220 generator pricker as they are the same size hole.
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I have used Chris Durban's method successfully a couple of times on  Q99s.   The wire rope will eat out the old packing slowly.   Have to pull the wire out every few seconds and clean out the tuft of packing in the end of the wire.  Back and forth until all is removed.  Then used material from a Tiki torch wick to repack.

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I've also used a Zippo lighter wick folded in half and inserted from the bottom. We have them in grocery stores near the check out around here. 
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I got lucky and with time in the ultrasonic cleaner and 1/2 a can of carb cleaner spray and all is well. 
An ultrasonic machine is amazing at getting things out of places that we can't reach mechanically. It's great that you were able to save an original part and keep it doing what it was designed to do.
salukispeed wrote:
I got lucky and with time in the ultrasonic cleaner and 1/2 a can of carb cleaner spray and all is well. 

  Did you leave the innards in the genny or did you remove and put the Q99 in the US as a hollow tube?
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I did not do anything with the Innards. it actually passed some air before I did anything. I removed the tip and pricked it and cleaned and back flushed the tube with carb cleaner ( Mostly Acetone and Toluene )  after the Ultrasonic treatment
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