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Very nice collection!
This little one doesn't have the logo like the one pictured in Larry's ad. It does look alot like it though. I've been wondering if it really was a bug screen. Click image for larger version - Name:  Bug Screen (1).jpg, Views: 50, Size: 47.73 KB Click image for larger version - Name:  Bug Screen (2).jpg, Views: 49, Size: 43.43 KB Click image for larger version - Name:  Bug Screen (3).jpg, Views: 49, Size: 57.33 KB

ICCC #1515
Coleman Blues #128
sure looks like one to me Bill . its not an exact but a close copy .

Click image for larger version - Name: 6BF87652-C839-4223-95A0-8022B994277B.jpeg, Views: 532, Size: 153.51 KB
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!

This recently found early 1921 ad followed the Protect-A-Lite screen introduced in a April 19 1920 publication. 

53DA6EC9-8557-4DE8-BC43-FEE2CFA95597.jpeg  143501B3-901E-496C-A087-C1635A7CC8A3.jpeg 


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