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With a growing propane appliance collection, I decided to fabricate a "Propane Refill Station". I am always looking for propane tanks at garage sales that seem to be half full or jobs where they are given to me as I use them to fill my 1 lb cans. Through the years, I have acquired several of these cans, which gave me this idea. To free up some shelf space, I took both 1 lb cans and a larger propane tank and made a refill station that could be easily filled and returned to it's holder.


Using a 10 ft length of 4 inch PVC, I cut 2 inch slits the length of each pipe. This will allow me to retrieve each canister, when needed...


I scalloped a piece of 3/4 plywood plugs to allow me to lift the bottom tanks easier, with just 2 fingers. When tanks are emptied they are transferred to the right side for filling...


I scalloped the upper section for easy tank removal and to rid of any sharp edges. I found a cool propane sign to add a professional look...


Larger tank is inverted and strapped down into place...


For extra security, I installed 2 rubber stops to keep handle/guard from slipping from side to side...


View from underneath shows a large 4 inch opening to allow me to operate valve wheel on larger tank when filling...



I installed this to a 2 x 6 section of shelf support in my garage. No more searching for 1 lb tanks or lugging heavy propane cylinders around. I saved some much needed garage space and created a station that can be easily accessed, whenever needed... Thanks for l@@king....campinut...
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Now THAT is amazing.....great work!
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Yes sir, that is a fine setup. I applaud your follow through! I often have fine ideas, but they never get out of the idea stage. Good on you!
Albertville, Al.
That is some clever work. Very nice set up.

You have some of the best ideas, Russ!
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Let it burn, that's what it's for!!! BIG RICO said so...
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Russ it looks good...

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Russ yew could win the recycle Juno award with that set up. I nominate you for that award. I too have over 30 1# ers I'm going to use ur idea with ur permission. Wouldn't want to infringe on the copy rites!
Great idea, I have a bunch in the flammables cabinet and some outside in a shed. This would be a space saver.
  I've been refilling those things for years, and I see all the you tube videos and people freeze them and try and get them as full as possible. That seems silly. first off, The disposable ones are not designed for a refill and if you do the freeze thing it is possible that you could over fill one. Also they are free cylinders, and you end up with as many as you want after a while so what's the big deal if they are not totally full You grab another one.
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That's great, Russell, I really like that!
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Russell does it again.  Amazing.
Bruce Sheehe
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We have pare ts doing the refill thing for our scout troop to help save on the recurring expense of LP tanls for lanterns and stoves. What we find is that a lot of them leak, and when we need them, the tanks are empty.
Solution, but the brass 1lb caps with rubber gasket. Ive gotten bulk lots from China for less than $2/each. Thats less then half of what my local sporting goods store charges for them.
Seems those tanks are crap anyways, as I test fired some stoves prior to a camp last month and a BRAND NEW Coleman tank started leaking through the valve after only being used once. Nice job on the QC Coleman. Hoping the tank valve covers put an end to all of the wasted propane.
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Nice job Russ!
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Thanks for all the comments! I use the 1 lb, Coleman propane tanks as many are different just like the slimmer tanks. They are very loose in a regular 4 inch PVC tube but when section is cutout, the diameter changes to a loose friction fit. This makes it better as the tanks will not drop onto the other tank, when loaded. If I have ones that leak (not often) I just recycle them and buy another. I have many propane appliances (lanterns, grills, weed burner, heater. etc... that use this style tank so it was a no brainer of getting this operation, up and running.....campinut....
Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
Excellent ideas & superbly laid out , those cheap propane tank to bottle adapters have made my re-filling a joy too!

Well done on a really cool gassing corner!

S'pose he's out in the shop fettling another lamp or stove again!!!

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Nice set-up Russ. I'm always trying to steady my 20# tank on the edge of a picnic table.
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Wow! I'm starting to feel some propane love here? I own a 5 bedroom house with a one car garage so space saving is at the top of my list. A vintage milk crate fits 9, one pound bottles perfectly but that takes up floor space so vertical storage, just makes more sense, in my situation. Thanks for all the comments and......Viva La Propane!...campinut...

Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
I vote that this gets a sticky as innovative as it is.
I came here for some tech advice and stayed because of the atmosphere.. Looking for a Coleman Luminos 9975 and a 519 heater. 
Ok I admit I am a closet propane enthusiast . Love your propane fill station!
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