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8AA572B2-0AA9-470A-BAD4-80A83E4FCE28.jpeg  B56A5B8C-79BA-4C60-BE86-204CB7214FC1.jpeg  Propane Adapter for dual fuel stoves question:
I have a 425E and a 426D stove.
Manifold Inlet on 425E is approx .480 inch
Manifold Inlet on 426D is approx .608 inch

I see 2 propane adapters available:
Stansport and Mr. Heater

Will the same adapter work for both? Neither one has any specs as to size. I know the 426D will not work well on all 3 burners with a regulated adapter, but will only need 2 burners most of the time.
Thanks to all. U
I have the stansport adapter and I use the regulator for my buddy heater and a propane tree hose. It works on my 426 and on my 425, no problems. Click image for larger version - Name: 20181223_113719-288x512.jpg, Views: 68, Size: 48.56 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 20181223_113707-288x512.jpg, Views: 69, Size: 43.89 KB
That's why I keep a couple of those converter's around. Really stretches the possibilities with Coleman stoves for emergency use and no need to buy a separate profane stove. 
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I have the Coleman model without regulator. It'll run all three burners on my 426A at full roar, or turn down to a nice, fine simmer.

The propane option is good to have when camping with folks that might not be comfortable using a gasoline stove. Sometimes I like to sleep in and let someone else make the coffee.
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