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Hi all, I recently acquired this June 1970 339 via everyone's favorite online auction site. Without further adieu, here's the restoration of it.

Here's the before picture of this lantern. During disassembly and reassembly, you will see a lot of tool marks on this lantern. Someone in the past definitely used/repaired this lantern.

First, remove the bail by pulling on both ends away from the vent.

Lift the vent off and remove the globe.

Again, this is a CANADIAN lantern, so we use metric wrenches here. Alternately, you can cheat by using an adjustable wrench. The burner frame is held in place with a 11mm nut.

Remove the nut, then lift the frame up off the lantern.

Time to remove the generator. Use a 13mm wrench to loosen and remove the nut. Then unhook the pricker rod and remove the generator.

Once the generator is removed, lift off the collar.

Now to the pump section. Remove the pump clip, then pull out the pump and the air stem.

Now remove the valve wheel and direction disk.

I remove the the valve assembly by clamping it in a vice and turning the fount, protecting the valve with a wrag.

Remove the check valve with the ultimate handy dandy tool:

Now completely disassembled:

I took all the brass parts and soaked them in a container with citric acid and hot water.

The burner frame is badly rusted and pitted, so a soak in a hot toilet bowl cleaner bath is just the thing.

Here's the vent after a soap and water bath. The heat from years of use really took its toll on the porcelain.

I did this in about 60 minutes (stopping to take pictures). I had a few other things to do, so I put the parts away temporarily, and polished things in my spare time. I did not document the polishing, that took Mother's mag polish, autosol, steel wool, wrags, and tonnes of elbow grease. Here's the results of 10 days polishing in my spare time:

Ah, a Robertson screw!! Canadian eh?

Time to start reassembly. This time, I started by applying some permatex thread sealer to the valve assembly, and screwing it into the fount.

Reassemble the valve with a new valve packing. Tighten it finger tight, we'll tighten it up all the way later.

Install the collar and make sure that the valve is in the center of the hole. Looking down from the top, the cleaning lever is at 12 o'clock (above the decal), the filler cap at 3, the valve knob at 6, and the pump at 9.

Install the check valve, air stem, pump assembly, and retaining clip next...

Reinstall the generator...

... and tighten with a 13mm wrench.

Put both the burner frame and the pre heater cup on at the same time, and tighten the nut with an 11mm wrench. Now, I had to take these shots several times, I put on the frame, then removed it to install the generator, reinstalled the frame, then removed it again to install the preheater cup. I didn't quite get the pictures in the sequence I wanted it, but it worked out in the end. So, pay attention when you are doing this, so you won't have to repeat yourself like I did.

Install the valve wheel and direction disk... I'm going to have to get one of Rainjer's decals, as this one got wrecked the second water hit it.

Time to fill up the fount about 1/4 full with Kerosene. No, we are not going to light the lantern yet, we have to tighten up the valve packing nut first. On this lantern, you need a 13mm wrench.

Now, pump up the lantern about 5 strokes, while checking here for fuel. If you see fuel starting to come out here, like this:

... tighten the jam nut about a 1/2 turn, keep doing this until no more fuel is seen. Now, add 10 more strokes, and check again for a fuel leak. If there's fuel, tighten about a 1/4 turn until no more fuel leaks out. Now add 25 strokes and check again for fuel. If you see fuel still, tighten a 1/4 turn again. I do this until there's about 100 strokes of pressure in the fount. Once I don't see any fuel leaking, I let it sit for about 20 minutes and then check again for fuel. Take your time with this step, you don't want a fuel leak here while the lantern is lit!!!

After about 20 minutes, no more leaks!! Tool marks from previous service work are very noticeable on the packing nut.

OK, time to tie on a #99 mantle

Burn in the new mantle before lighting the lantern:

Fill up the pre heater cup with alcohol and light it to start heating up the generator.

After letting the generator heat up for a few minutes, I cracked open the valve just a little

After about 30 seconds, light!!!

Reinstall the globe, vent, and bail. I let it burn for about 2 hours, nice and bright, no pulsing, and boy was that vent hot!!


Tools used in this rebuild:

11mm wrench
13mm wrench
dental pick
check valve tool
needle nose pliers
flat blade screw driver

Cleaners used:

citric acid
Autosol polish
Mother's Aluminum Mag polish
toilet bowl cleaner
misc brushes
steel wool

New parts installed:

1x fuel cap gasket
1x valve packing
1x pump leather

Total time:

About 10 hours

-- Shawn K
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