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Hi all,

Found this primus 2172 at a thrift not realizing it ran off an obscure blue tank and fitting that is not offered in Canada. I did some playing around and realized the control valve from my Primus Trail Scout Stove which runs off LPG canisters will fit the lantern too.

I’ve lit the lantern using the stove valve successfully. Having the Valve almost off produces a nice glow from the mantle, but turning it up results in a large flame coming from the top. 

This begs the question, is using the control valve from a much more recent Primus stove on this lantern which appears to be from the late 80’s/early90s unsafe? 

Test your connections with soapy water. If you have no leaks, you're safe as can be. The valve don't know whether it's feeding s lantern or a stove.
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