200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

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I have been trying to post pix of my 275s from my phone, and the "insert" button is grayd out, won't take. I have tries in the past (not here) to put pix from the phone to my home computer then post to forums and then I lose them and can't find them within the home computer. Spent hours at times searching on the home computer for transferred pix to no avail
One time I tried to post my pix here I had a notice that they may be too big (only tried to post 1 pic each time) but the other 2-3 times I got no such notice but the submit button was still grayd out 
You need to resize the pictures, I use the app Snapseed on my phone.
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For Android I use this:
Must be smaller than 320kB 
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On my android phone, if I select a picture to email to my self, there is an option to pick a size. The smallest size is appears to be less than the size limit for posting on the forum. I just email it to myself and then attach it to the post. Otherwise I use MS Paint on my net pad to resize.   
Tgarner01 wrote:
For Android I use this:
Must be smaller than 320kB 

Same for me, used it now for a few years. Works fine.
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I save pics from my phone on my home PC consistently.

Take the pic, email it to yourself. Open email and save in your 'pictures'. Resize or "edit" at that point. Save. Then when you post here just click on attachment and your saved pics should pop up. 

No additional apps needed with what you are doing. 
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This is how I do on iPhone  Click image for larger version - Name: 04E8C10B-D146-4CED-9708-F3374BFDE37F.jpeg, Views: 16, Size: 175.41 KB
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