200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Jay C B
I read prior threads on posting pictures and then sized and uploaded mine successfully from my iPhone and they appeared as I wanted them to in the post preview.  However, on looking at one of my prior posts ON THE DESKTOP, several of the pictures are rotated 90 degrees, and one is upside down! (180 degrees).

Is this an artifact of posting from the iPhone?  How can I post pictures so that others will see them as intended?

Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...
Yes, an Apple thing. They look great on other Apple devices however!

Try hosting them on another site and posting the links. I use Imgur. 
Greg -- Fiat Lux!
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Yeah, Apple marches to a different drummer.  


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Hold your iPhone horizontally with the button on your right when you take pics and nobody will know you are using an Apple devise. 
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thanks for your very noble efforts. Being one of the complainers, I hope you know I appreciate it!
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Jay C B
Thanks for the tip.
Some would rather curse the darkness than light a Coleman lantern...
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