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Recently picked up a couple single mantle Kamplite big hat lanterns. Gave them both a cursory cleaning etc.  Both fired up and both have what I can only describe as a "popping" sound coming from the mantle.  This is accompanied by flames shooting off from the mantles.  Pretty certain I got the tank tubes cleaned out and I can't help but think the problem lays in the generators.  Anyone have any thoughts?
If the lantern has burner screens, make sure they are in good shape with no big holes or gaps.
Very common problem for these type lanterns. I just turn cleaning lever up, to avoid blowing out mantles..campinut..
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To clarify....does it pop while running, or when you are shutting it down?
I've seen/heard the inverted lanterns doing this when low on pressure or when shutting down.  When shutting down, turning the tip cleaner to restrict flow should help.


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Yes indeed.  Turn off the valve, and then place cleaner tip in up position to avoid blowing out the mantle.  

This is especially true for Thermos lanterns (or clones).
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It pops while running.  adjusting the main control valve has no affect.  Adjusting the cleaning lever has the effect of shutting off the flow to the mantle and it goes out almost immediately 
I would think that popping would not have much to do with what is going on in the generator. It would seem that the air/fuel mix in the burner assembly is igniting for some reason. If the pop occurs and the lantern dims for a second or two and then recovers when the burner assembly air/fuel mix recovers, I'd look for an ignition source. 
Running it without the globe and/or vent can also produce the 'popping'. Are you running it with these in place? 
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