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Yosemite John
Indispensable, IMHO.  We take occasional day trips when time or money won't allow for a for reals vacation, and being rather close to home having both lunch and dinner out kind of blows the budget and for such a short time it hardly makes hauling out the camp kitchen worthwhile---of course a Coleman stove can make quick work of any fresh caught fish, but usually that can't be depended on, so vittles packed at home, or bought at farmer's markets en route are what we rely upon.  Outfitting a picnic basket is a subject worthy of discussion.
I like a good knife large and able enough to cut a loaf of crusty bread  and some cheese, and of course a cork screw.  An Opinal No.8 works well for a picnic knife, back up with an ancient Green River which I acquired somewhere in my past.  For a cork screw, a waiter's style from Smart & Final does the trick but over the years I've used a Swiss Army Knife corkscrew as well as a "Jack LaLane."
A small cutting board is a must and I like those handy re-usable plastic plates they sell with a hole in them for carrying a stemmed wine glass. 

Do you have a picnic basket and what do you keep in yours?
A Happy Camper
When I was a kid my mom would take us a few times each summer to a local state park that had a beach.  She would pack lunch consisitng of PB&J sandwiches in a picnic basket and we'd have lunch and play on the swings and such when we first arrived, and then we'd put the basket and other lunch items in the car and then spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  I don't remember everything she kept in the basket, but there were definitely lots of napkins, and paper cups for the water or Kool Aid she'd make in a small 2-qt water jug.  I think she also had a small first aid kit of sorts, namely bandages and tape for the inevitable bumps and scrapes resulting from ramming around the playground.  We still have the basket, but haven't used it in a few decades.
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