200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Found these misplaced in Craigslist land. Looked up on their website and they’re priced at 240 Euros = $282 USD showing sold out. The newer Vapalux are made in Korea. Compared it to a couple of Bialaddins I have and they appear to be built just as well. Nothing cheap or “tinny” about them that I can see.
I’m thinking of selling one and setting fire to the other. Anybody know any more about them?

A749F374-CF67-4C39-B26E-C94C2F758C48.jpeg  85F7419D-055D-47CA-80D7-CE2EE15AB824.jpeg  A20C6CFE-3B9C-4E1A-8DA4-912B6AECB5D0.jpeg  C0855DDF-DEE7-4097-ADD5-9219965DB74B.jpeg  5787F7CA-5286-44E6-815F-37751976AEE9.jpeg  12C31481-0F5F-4F2C-999A-99AF6C3C59BC.jpeg  32A4BA75-D89B-4118-BCA5-E0B54D94E975.jpeg  5992383C-C7CE-4637-B0B0-40013A061C1E.jpeg  D02B38B3-6A95-4841-ABB4-30C7A086824C.jpeg 
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Very nice lamps. The quality is good on those!
Wow, I have the exact same model but in olive green. Mine is made in England and runs like a champ, very bright lantern.

How much are you thinking to let that one go?
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