200A and 202 reproduction
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Got for $50 online local. So far pump doesn't make pressure and fuel leak from pump when not locked. Not in terrible shape . Gonna try and strip it down and completely redo it so it looks like my mint 1984 413h. This ones from 1974 if that makes any difference.any tips or tricks appreciated 
Fuel leak from the pump is usually just an over-filled tank. There's a tube that takes the air from the pump to the top of the tank. Under normal conditions, there is no fuel in the tube to leak out.
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Unless the check valve isn't sealing....(and there is a lot of fuel and pressure in the tank)

Oil and massage the pump leather 

Spray carb cleaner into the pump tube to try to free up the check valve.  You can push carb cleaner through the check valve (using the pump), but A) watch out for a face full of carb cleaner/Coleman fuel, and B) wipe any carb cleaner off the paint quickly  C) re-oil the pump leather after exposing it to carb cleaner
Ditto the above.  It'll buff out .  Those 426 stoves are worth the effort.  Probably just some crud from years of non-use.  I take out the generator spring and chuck it in a drill and clean by scouring with a wire brush.  Patience is your friend here.  If the CV is stuck, then follow the advice given earlier.

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