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Interesting read and photos. This place was inhabited until 2015, then photographed early 2018. It's sadly torn down but some stuff was saved.

Tilley lantern in one shot, a bit worse for wear!
Ian - Looking for these dates 7/82, 7/92, 8/93, 9/03, 11/05, 5/17
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ya , that was cool to look over , to bad they tore it down ....... might be a good place to do some metal detecting :-)
[DrSteve2]    Steve , Keeper of the Light !!!
Enjoyed that.  As a stupid kid, a friend and I broke into a boarded up, abandoned house like that and ended up at the police station. Parents were not happy, but is was an adventure.  Thanks for the post.
Really enjoyed the photos being a junkaholic.  The details were interesting, obviously some staging as the same chair was in a couple different rooms as were some other items but I am sure it was all in the house and the photographer made some compositions for better photos.  I have been in abandoned homes before and it is an eerie feeling.  
That was really interesting, Ian.  I enjoy history, and always wonder about all that went on in old homes; the joys, the sorrows, the good and bad times.  I think about what holidays the inhabitants celebrated, and who were guests there.
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What a fascinating time capsule.
- Courtenay
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Wonderfully haunting images of life long ago.  Nice that the photographer was able to document the home before it was demolished.  
Your topic and interesting picture reminded me of something when I was about 10 yrs old. About 2 miles from our farm was an old house where the owner froze to death,another neighbour was in charge of the estate. I told my older brother that there was a floor model radio in the house so he suggested I go and ask old Louis about it,so I bicycle down and asked and he said go and take it. The story does not end well, years later when I left for post secondary, the roof of the farm building where I stored the radio leaked and the laminate wood that made up the radio case was ruined, I saved some of the hardware. Lesson learned, now I keep the old radios in my home.

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