200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

fuel brained
I have an option to buy both or either stove. Which one would be better in the wild as far as ease of maintenance. Please be critical. Thanks.
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Jeff, the burner on the Apex is really good. It has a great simmer and has some good built in wind protection. The instant lite circuit on the Apex is well executed and unique, but the plastic Apex pump is not good... Several (including mine) have been documented as cracking out around the brass insert where the hose connects.

The Wisperlite, doesn't simmer all that great, but I think it's a pretty bulletproof. 
If the Apex pump is the one I've seen comments of cracking over at CCS,  I'd skip the Apex unless you want a display item.   If the 600 model is the current Whisperlite International, I believe it's true multi-fuel stove (also kero with a jet change), unlike the original Whisperlite Internationale (their spelling).   Doc Mark over on CCS explained the joys of finding out the hard way that the original was not truly engineered for kero, even though it was marketed that way.  The Whisperlite seems to be a fine stove and MSR seems to have good support.  If you have an older, not currently still so safe pump, I believe they still have a trade-in program where they will replace the pump for something like $20.

Although many Coleman stoves will simmer, regardless of pressure, I find that if you pump it up much less than normal, you can get a lower flame.  I like my Coleman stoves, but others, such as the MSR's can be fun to use also.


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I have the 600, still not a true kero stove as it has a yellowish flame, but runs well on CF.  I could sell you my 600 if interested, I have so many similar stoves that I can't see using it much.  Comes with the gas and kero jet.  Stuff sack, pump,  ws.
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I own both and have used the Apex much more. No cracks yet. 
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In terms of field maintenance, the MSR is designed to be completely repaired in the field with just the one wrench that comes with it. The Coleman, not.

I've carried and cooked on MSR stoves since I got my GK back in '75 or so. I used it for a decade, then upgraded to the Whisperlite Int'l. Both were great stoves. I've burned just about everything in the GK, and used kero several times in the Whisper. I thought it worked pretty well, but had never used a true kero burner.
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