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i put a new regulator and new motor in my 2002 buick regal gs and all was good for a few months until today. a fly got in my car and i was trying to get it out and my window got stuck down so i trouble shooted it back to the motor which had quite a bit of moisture in it and shorted out. everything else in the door panel was bone dry. has anyone else had this happen, i never have until today.
I've never had one of those quit from being wet... But have replaced lots of broken regulators. Those cable regulators are nice to replace, but man they don't last. Have had to fix broken wires where the door hinges several times as well. If it is stuck all the way up or down try releasing the tension on the window by unbolting the regulator or however and see if it will work then... Not a fix but will tell you the motor is going...
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Two things I see in older GM cars that might offer some clues.  Swipes and drains.  (I've been at GM for 20+ years)

Outside window swipes at this age are breaking down, not sealing to glass as designed.  I've taken the door panels off and run a trickle hose on the outside and have had 80% of the water that flowed down the glass enter the door.  This much water exceeds the door drains ability to let the water out and the door fills with water.  Enough water can enter this way that I've seen a Chevy 3500 with blocked door drains that had water so deep in the back seat it came over the door sill when the door was opened.

The inside of the door is a wet zone with a water management system.  The butyl rubber (older plastic) seal keeps the door panel dry and most dust out of the car, and the drains should allow the water to pass thru the door.  If water stays in the door it will condense on/in the heaviest/coolest mass of metal inside the door.  in this case, your window motor.

I have to ask. Aftermarket window regulator?
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We had that happen with my mom's 2001 Chrysler Sebring, the left rear door filled with water.  It was a combination of a failing window swipe and a clogged drain in the door.  It of course killed the window motor.  We later sold the car to a neighbor for his kids and they beat the hell out of the car so I don't think it affected them much.  A friend still teases me about the "ballast tank" we had in that car.
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aftermarket regulator and motor. never had a water problem in the door. the old regulator cable guide went bad and the old motor was weak.
This is one of the reasons I put up with driving a 35-year-old Vanagon. The only electric motors are the washer pump, starter and fuel pump. I just spent three afternoons fixing a friend's window motor in his Ford 250--at a cost of about $500.
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