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Got this teeny tiny Albion Stove Works marine wood burner "TROUT" stove a while back. Been plugging away at it and I guess this is the finished product. Been wanting to get this thing back burning wood. The only thing left to do is fire it up at our next campout and burn some of the paint off of it. If I get some scrambled eggs or pancakes and a pot of coffee off of it I'll call that a victory.  🙂

Originally paid next to nothing for it and being squeaky cheap set out to do a restore on it. Started with plan A by looking at a few local scrapyards and junk/antique shops hoping to find a couple round burner lids. You'd think they would be standard sizes and relatively easy to find but no they come in all sorts of sizes varying by an 1/8". Figured out pretty quick I'd have to be lucky to find a couple. I'm not lucky so on to plan B. Look on the internet they should be cheap, right? Yup found them but at almost $40 US greenbacks a pop plus shipping plan B got flushed right quick. 

Plan C. Let's make them. Can't be hard cutting a couple circles out of 1/4" plate and fashioning some sort of lid lifter point. First off 1/4" was a 1/16" thicker but I'm cheap and that's what I had on hand so they'll sit a little proud. That shouldn't matter. Next drill a hole and file it square then cut a thicker piece of plate and drill a larger hole and put underneath offset and file it a bit so that the lid lifter would actually be able to lift the lid. Weld the mess together and soon had two reasonable facsimile looking lids that could actually be lifted off. I have no idea how the 1/4" plate will behave once heated but I guess I'll find out. I think it should be okay? 

Was also missing the inner grate so cut 8 pieces of 1/2" round stock and twisted the ends up and welded them into what I thought the grate sitting on two legs  might of looked like. Two of the stove legs were also broken but had all the pieces so brazed them back together. Next up the damper mechanism was also missing. From looking online at a similar stove the damper looked like it was just a plate that one manually moved in or out to increase/decrease air flow to the stove. Looked kind of hokey so figured I try to make something cuter. Had a neat looking small cast valve handle sitting around the shop for a while. No idea where it came from but figured I'd fashion a damper that could be turned it and out. It's been a while since I've burned my hand on anything looking forward to doing that.  lol

Spent probably a half day cleaning all the surface rust off of it and finally painting it. Probably should of used flat black but had a can of high heat black gloss so that was it. Was going to try to roll some stove pipe myself but at $11 for a 30" piece opened my wallet and splurged on two. Rain cap came with the stove when I got it and picked up the tiny poker and stove door handle and lid lifter at the local scrap yard and cleaned them up and painted. 

All I can say is it's a good thing I'm retired and have the time to waste on silly stuff like this. I'm no fabricator or welder or anything but I try. Hoping to report back that the pancakes or scrambled eggs and coffee were good but that all depends on how FireStarter (Linda) handles that. She wanted to try cooking on a wood stove. It's in her hands now.  lol

How it came home. Cute little guy that I thought deserved a second chance. 












Thanks for looking. 

Wow, very nice restoration on that old stove, Alex!  Nice that you really made an effort to make it complete.  I hope Linda enjoys using it...let us know...😉
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That's awesome looking Alex! I like unusual little wood stoves too!
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I need that for my tipi Alexx good job
Mr D
Thats awesome Alex! Great work on the restore too. Now Firestarter has something else to practice starting a fire in 🙂 
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That is super cool, great work!
It burns like a Howitzer
Great job, Alex!

How about using a grinder to take that 1/16" off the underside of the pot covers?

1/4" mild steel holds up just fine to woodstove heat. I've built stoves from it.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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VERY nice!    I miss my wood stove sometimes, (except the wood cutting part..)
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Gunhippie wrote:
Great job, Alex!

How about using a grinder to take that 1/16" off the underside of the pot covers?

1/4" mild steel holds up just fine to woodstove heat. I've built stoves from it.

Hey thanks Timm. After reading about your work adventures and seeing what you do I'll take..."Great job, Alex!" as a real compliment. 

Actually I did maintenance work as a Millwright in a paper mill for many years. Not sure if you have Millwrights or what you would call them in the States but basically a jack of all trades but you are a master of none. And....being in a union there was virtually NO crossing the other trades so...you get the picture. I can fake my way through a lot of stuff but am not super confident about anything! At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  lol  🙂
Good thing your retired Alex but sounds like you are still putting in 40 hours per week. There is a really small wood stove that some people use in their RV even seen a couple in a small boler like mine

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Great work, Alex,  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Good luck with the firing.
- Courtenay
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Looking good! Makes me want to get out and ice fish.

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That is one nice looking stove!  I can easily picture a fire going, pot o' coffee on the back and a pan of eggs on the front! Very cool indeed. Cheers
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