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Anyone have experience with outdoor projectors and screens?   In need of a large size for a possible drive in setup.  I see blow up ones, ones on stands, etc.   Also on projectors. I guess 3000 (or more) lumen is better.  Just 100s of variables and prices and sizes.  Just wondered if anyone here has used them.

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I have 2 Epsons that I use in my Halloween display. The more lumens the brighter the pic and the less absolutely dark you need it to be. I use white spandex material that we bought by the yard online. works really well and it’s a lot cheaper than projection material. When buying a projector remember to keep in mind how big a picture you want and how far the projector will be from the screen. I’ve never had mine that large and don’t remember how large they can go. I use it mostly to project faces on my singing pumpkins and movie night in the backyard where I hang the spandex between the legs of a 10x10 easy up.check out Hauntforum, Halloweenforum, or Haunters hangout you can find plenty of info there.

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Been several years since I've played with them, and that was for an indoor theater system we had... Maybe 5ft tall and close to 10ft wide... Maybe 4x8.. been a few years now. The bigger you go the more light output you'll want... I'm sure the technology has advanced a lot since I played with it..
Now that I'm thinking about it, it's been nearly ten years.. Geez time flies. Hopefully someone has more up to date info to help you with specifics
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