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Found out about this from the Studebaker kids. Sad.

Briggs and Stratton filed for bankruptcy. A big part of my youth was fixing old mowers.  I still have a couple of cast iron engines in the garage to start up if I’m feeling sad.

That is sad news.  Can only hope that the company survives the buyout.
When someone overseas steals your designs and sells them cheaper than the inventor/producer, this is what happens.  Briggs are probably the sturdiest of the American designs with the exception of the old Wisconsin engines, which were quite a bit more expensive.  Hard to compete with other companies that pay their workers only dollars per day as opposed to dollars per hour.
My over 25 year old Yardman mower with a 6.5 hp B & S engine is still going strong.  The only thing that compares is a Honda, which the far east folks have copied too.  I blame us for buying cheap because we want everything, even if it's sub-par.  Shame.
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Same success here as well Dean.

I have a 7hp Briggs I/C horizontal shaft engine on a Troy Bilt Horse. It was made in 1992 and I just replaced the fuel line this year. Not proof of the engine's ability but still, it left the factory with fuel line that has lasted 28 years. I only replaced it because I "figured" it was time, LOL. 

Oh, no oil burning. Hope they can recover. 
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Stock up on your Briggs parts now. There is an aftermarket supply of some stuff but some of the quality seems to have been left out. I just had a little four screw flo-jet bowl gasket from Rotary that swelled up massively after just a few minutes in service. It swelled so badly that it buckled inside and pressed the float down making the engine flood massively. Shame to see such an industrial giant crap out.
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What Dean said.
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That IS sad; lots of memories with me, too.  The first job I had outside home was mowing lawns; all my spending money through my school days was from mowing.  Most of the mowers had B&S engines.
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Not to mention the go-karts and mini-bikes we had growing up.  Ran the crap out of those motors and they came back for more.
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
That's depressive. I've had my chilhood and younger days mowing the lawn with Briggs & Stratton machines even as far away from the US as here.
Hope they make it through and live again.
The bad part is last year my boss was building a new log splitter, I asked him if he was going to go down to Harbor freight and get one of there cheap clone motors,  He said I ordered a briggs, should be here any day.
Well ups shows up and drops off a shiney new briggs 6.5 hp overhead cam motor, took it out of the box and the first thing I noticed.......................................MADE IN CHINA.

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Got a 8.5 HP I/C Briggs and Stratton engine on a Troy Bilt walk behind twin blade mower for 29 years now. Had to replace the rubber tipped float needle in the carburetor about 18 years ago. E gas ate the tip away. Replaced with an all brass needle. Replaced the fuel line at one time too. That’s it.

My Grandfather would bring me old B&S engines he’d find off of old mowers when I was a kid. Used to take them apart then try to get them running. My first foray into turning wrenches and greasy hands. He taught to gap the spark plug using a match book cover lol.

Too bad about the factory...

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That's sad news. Briggs has always held a special place with me. Up until recently, that's all that I would use. Then I tried a Japanese built Honda. Over the years, the quality of Briggs and Kohler engines have suffered. I love the old cast iron Briggs and Kohler engines. The new ones are just junk that carries on the family name.
Not to mention the go-karts and mini-bikes we had growing up.  Ran the crap out of those motors and they came back for more.

Yep.  We had an old school go-kart that my brother and I bought with proceeds from our vegetable garden.  Cost $250 as I recall in 1967.  No roll bar or any of that sissy consumer protection stuff.  Pretty much a flat tray with square tube frame and centrifugal clutch chain drive.  Flat sheet metal seat back and a thin seat cushion.  No gears, just gas on the right and brake on the left.

It originally had a B&S 3 hp motor and when we refurbed it a few year later, we upped it to a 5hp.

Lots of good times with that go-kart.  We still have it some 53 years later and my children have enjoyed it as well.
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