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Does anyone have an idea where I could find a place to source a replacement glass for the hatch door on my camper shell?  Its an ARE CX shell.  There are no ARE dealers near me and I dont want to "buy a new shell" for price of replacing the glass.  
I would contact ARE and see if they may ship the window to you from the factory. Also they may let you know of one of those small dealers that is close to you that you may not be aware of. Last resort, you will just have to make a drive to get the window. I had to do that with my Lear when I was living in the middle of nowhere. Two hour drive one way to get to a dealer. 
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Have you thought of replacing it yourself with plexi-glass?
If it is just flat glass any good glass store that does auto glass should be able to cut one pretty cheap.
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Lexan is easy to cut and machine.  You can bounce a brick off it, and it adds potential like NACA ducts and antenna mounts.

The only down side is that it can't be scrubbed aggressively, or it'll scratch.

If it's a window that was vulnerable before it may get broken again.
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Great ideas all.  The curve ball is that I have discovered the topper door/hatch was made for the 96-99 vintage shortbed Chevy bed style.  My truck is a 2001, which is apparently narrower at the tailgait.  So if anyone would like to buy a fair to good and solid A.R.E. CX truck topper with full hatch and man-door, I will make them a good deal!

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