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I pulled a NRV from my 413G, as was air was leaking out rapidly from the pump thumb hold. Cleaned it with alcohol, and the BB moved about easily.  Reinstalled it and it still continued to leak air.  Repeat pulling, cleaning, reinstalling and still no better.  Finally dug another NRV out of my spare used parts pile and this one works.  So the question is...what would cause this?  It seems such a simple device and there is not much to go wrong.  Do the BB get out of round that it no longer seals?
Thanks all

This is what I do with dirty Coleman CV: I torch them red how and quench in white vinegar and never ever had to repeat the process. 

Others may have different cleaning methods 

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"It seems such a simple device and there is not much to go wrong"

Note that the ball check valve is not the positive seal in the pump assembly. The ball check valve is to aid in pumping the tank up only, so some leakage might be encountered.
I think crud from dirt or bits of pump leather(guessing that model still uses leather) get stuck and don't break down from chemicals, can develop bad spots on the ball.  I expect the C/V to have 100% seal too, forgetting it is only the first line of defense.  Although I have a few C/V's that still act like there isn't a ball in there, I just screw the air stem in quickly.
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What Duane said.  Of interest, most of my leaky CV's get better with use.

I had one WITH NO BALL in it, you had to just barely crack open the air stem, pump like a maniac, and close stem in a hurry, but it worked. Sorta.
I think it is the only one I have every changed.

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