200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Maybe it was the globe? 
220E 001.jpg 
Before pic, a little dirty, the "incorrect" fuel cap stuck, fuel valve stuck and the usual.
220E 003.jpg 
The "globe" is home made, I think, held together with staples, which I hammered flat.
220E 004.jpg 220E 005.jpg   
Overall not in bad shape at all.
220E 006.jpg  June 1955, one month off my B-day lantern.
220E 007.jpg 
It cleaned up nice, just one dent in the fount.  The fuel cap came off with the hose clamp and rubber trick,  the valve with the addition of a little heat.  Put the correct fuel cap on,  oiled up the pump leather and replaced the gen and she fired right up.
220E 008.jpg 
The vent is like new.
220E 010.jpg 
And one of it burning on my porch.  The mantels look funny because I decided to try the cheap Chinese mantels.  I won't make that mistake again.  But now I've got them so I'll use them for testers anyway.  The bags stay large so you have to tie them up on the tubes.  The  best way to burn them in seems to be by lighting the lantern, pre burning led to a LOT of holes, and they're still very fragile after.

Still it was fun getting her up and running.  Thanks for looking!
Great refurb and I really like that "special" globe.
Everyone's Favorite Uncle
Thanks, I just ordered a new decal from OCP.  That'll finish her up right!
I like it Steve, if I threw all my lanterns (350 or more)  into a pile on the floor, a 220E would rise to the top! Maybe even my birthday, a 12-57.
Bob    ICCC #1574
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It's just that I've got quite a few E's,  they are great runners and tough, and I'm stoked this one turned out so well.
Turned out nice and the metal globe is cool.  From here, it looks like the lantern is sitting on the edge of the fountain and it’s huge!  😁
Ridge Runner
All to save another good one, that’s why!

— L.J.
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I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
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You bought it because you knew you could do that with it !!  Good work!!
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(and - for those who have asked - avatar from postcard and says "Coming Home by Rail".  https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4595/27430282209_39a564be00_z.jpg
Looks like a good burner. Oh the stories I’m  sure it could tell. 

Joseph Durham

ICCC #1954
Looking for bday lantern 10/84

Looks like a good burner. Oh the stories I’m  sure it could tell. 

It was well lit and hanging around one night when a duck walked into the bar .......
Moon Shadow Eliminator
"The mantels look funny because I decided to try the cheap Chinese mantels.  I won't make that mistake again.  But now I've got them so I'll use them for testers anyway."

Large 10 cm red top "Butterfly" mantles on my dad's 11/55 220E. I shortened them up by attaching with loaf bread twist ties in the burner groove at the point where the mantle red turns to white. The mantles actually burn quite well when fitted to the lantern output.

That's the "stealth" fountain,
My wife saw it, really wanted it, but didn't think she could talk me into spending that much,  so she paid a little on it every week when she took the kids to school. 
For me, it just showed up one Saturday about 20 years ago.  I was doing yard work and a truck pulled up, three guys got out and started setting it up.
It's 6 feet tall and weighs a ton, but we have enjoyed it when the weather lets us sit on the porch.
Why not (get another 220E)? The fount looks pretty solid on it. I like the fountain too!
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The "why did I buy it" comes from the fact that I've already got five or 6 220E's, not that this one isn't a cool lantern, cause it is.  I don't   know how many lanterns I've got but is over 200, many of them $5 lanterns bought just to get the globe and in really rough shape.  I'll have to post some pic's of the chaos.

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