200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
I found this at my favorite local pawn shop today. Photos show it sitting on the tailgate of our Studebaker truck.20190814_115700.jpg  Front view. I can see traces of some lettering but it is very faint and I have not been able to read much of it.
20190814_115741.jpg  "latch" to release & remove crank for cleaning the inside.
20190814_115719.jpg  Top view 20190814_115640.jpg Back side view showing drain plug.All screws are straight slots so it pre-dates "phillips" head screws. I would love to know the date. Anybody got one like it?
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Grandma had the same one, there is a lid that fits into the top also. I have her churn in a box of parts as at some time it got busted and is missing a few of the barrel slats, future project to rebuild, I as a child churned alot of butter when at grans house. As I was told it was my great grandma's so about 1920's or older. Great gma was 32 years older than mom [1940 -16 -16 =1908] it may have been passed down or bought used I don't know.
This was my grandparents churn. I guess they used a lot of butter. I remember playing in it when I was 3 -4 yrs old.  And yes I had blond hair when I was young. 
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If only we could go back to those simpler times, but with today's medical technology.


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There is nothing better than fresh homemade butter. That is a cool churn but I have to know, Champion or Commander power in the pickup. E.
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I fell in love with the churn when I saw it so I bought it to give to my wife for her upcoming birthday. It will probably find a home in her kitchen.
 The '55 Studebaker truck is one that I rescued from a junkyard 11 years ago, actually July 4th  2008. It had no engine or trans and turned out the suspension was shot so I put the cab and bed on a '87 Dodge Dakota frame then installed a '87 Chevy 4.3 V6 engine & auto trans. It still has the Dakota power steering and power disc brakes so it rides and drives like a late model truck. It is my daily driver and we have driven it on several long overnight trips with no problems. We also have a '52 Studebaker Commander sedan that is all original with the factory 232 V8 & automatic. It still runs great. 20190420_135221_001.jpg  20190726_161300.jpg 
Ps 34:6_ This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.             KJV
Very cool!
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