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Denise newbold
Please help, only used coleman stove powerhouse 414 four time until stop working. Is see from other YouTube videos my stove isn't depressurizing , have open gas valve and tank still holding pressure from first time. The knob that pressured take doesn't turn anticlockwise or neither much in the off way either.  Please help somebody SOS much appreciated, waste to keep using gas can.
Denise Newbold
OK, let's see how to go about this. 
First, make sure there's gas in it.
Second, see if the pump works, If it doesn't, you'll have to take it apart to see what's wrong. 
Third, assuming the pump works and the tank is pressurized, open the valve all the way and see what happens. Do this with the tank out of the stove so you can actually see it. If nothing comes out, or only a dribble instead of the spray there should be, work backwards. Take the generator off first, and open the valve again. If a lot of gas comes out the generator needs to be cleaned out, if not the valve needs to come out and get checked for blockage. Even in a Dual Fuel, unleaded gas can go bad and foul it up.
Good luck,

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If some of this seems basic and you already know it, please forgive us,  but we don't know for sure what you have tried yet.

Sooo.. first thing. like what was already said, lets make sure the pump works.

On the pump knob you can see the word close? And also an arrow? 
Now turn the pump knob closed, not super hard just firmly, next put your thumb over the hole in the center of the knob and try to pump up the tank.
you should be able to pull the knob out but it should be almost impossible to push it in,
let us know how that test goes,

We will do this one step at a time and I'm pretty sure your stove will be working again soon !!
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