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Got this stove just over a year ago and sadly mis identified/ typed it as a 9B instead of a 9D, honest mistake as I I'm fortunate enough to have a 9B as well. (edited for the same mistake a second time)

Poking around Dr. Marsh's site tonight trying to properly identify it I was coming blank...then struck me...duh go get "the book". Finally found it there as an afterthought of the "black" stove section (p228). Went back to Dr. Marsh's site and there's a single photo of one that doesn't really capture the details that I was needing to ID so I felt a little better for missing it.

None of that captures the real lack of love is apparent for this specific instance of the appliance. The more I look at this poor stove the more sorry for it I feel.

First thing noticeable is the copious amount of brushed/ splashed/ poured on paint. it's about as thick as the metal itself in some places.


then there's the patch under the main burner where it attaches to the case. (which I'm assuming isn't factory)

Then there's the cracked main burner.

Then there's the nearly worn out pump cap

Despite all that this thing is all sealed up  and passes all the soapy water checks so I put it to the test.


Nice green flame from the main burner, but then found that the secondary burner was frozen closed.

Added a little heat lubricant and  a light touch of "vise grip" freed the second burner to smooth operation.

Pretty cool discoloration on the Gen after shutdown as well

Not bad for what appears to be a heavily used 80 year old stove!

Boy if we could know the stories this thing could tell.

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Interesting, Erik, and with good pictures, too.  That must have cooked alot of meals! 
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Soooo . . . what are you thinking? A full restoration or make it a user?
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Actually I kind of like this one the way it is so it'll stay. Going to knock a few rust spots off it but that's about it.
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I like that plan.  Nice stove
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That IS a 9D stove, possibly a late 9D, judging by the burner cap with the 9E style sunrise logo on it. No, that patch didn't come from the factory. It's nice to see it running again! The 9B was a later green stove, and had a removable fuel tank like a "modern" stove. 
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Great work on that Erik. Looks like you took it slow and were rewarded.

Agreed, if it works and is safe - you're good to go. Lots of character and history.
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