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Hello All
I have been trying to acquire a nickle 242 for some time and have not had the best of luck but I do have some spare parts hahaha. This one is from ePrey like too many others they had the really rare aluminum foil reflector installed and the bail was painted white? which I did just swap with another. She runs great, no problems at all just a nice steady run




Notice the cleaning lever

Without flash

With flash

Did you all see the cleaning lever well when it is in that position (3 o'clock) the pricker wire is all the way down which on all my other lanterns would be straight down or 6 o'clock position. Obviously when it is 180 degrees from there at 9 o'clock the pricker wire is all the way up and I have never seen this before and I was wondering have any of you?

Lem ICCC 1039
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nice Job Lem, I worked on a Lamp yesterday, the pricker wire works best at 4:00/8:00 AM/PM

Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"

Nice Lantern Lem, looks like one I have seen before. I really love these 242's

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ICCC # 1014
Good looking 242 Lem.. Good job on the clean up..

Timidi Mater Non Flet !
Lookin' good!

Nice one Lem!! great clean up as usual!
ICCC 957

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