200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Picked these up yesterday - bought all that I could find in the store.  Interestingly, none are Coleman, they're all Sun Flame brand. Click image for larger version - Name: 190702_Mantle Overview small.jpg, Views: 136, Size: 117.61 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_2212.jpg, Views: 133, Size: 142.14 KB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_2213.jpg, Views: 134, Size: 136.40 KB
Interesting find.  The 8/87 date is a very late one.  
BTW, welcome from Hawaii!
Thanks for the welcome, Bill!  I've been lurking for a while, finally had something to share.
66 Indian creek loop
good find. and welcome from S.W MO.
fuel brained
Welcome from SoCal. If you would sell I'd be in for 2
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Cool find!! Looks like they were stored in a perfect environment. 

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Nice score.
Here is another style of mil spec mantles. 


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