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Howdy all, from WV!

I'm new to Coleman collecting, and have recently developed a love for old gas lanterns. I've gathered several 220's, a 228 and a newer dual fuel fella over the last few months.

My big question is about a 1985 Powerhouse I just acquired. It was manufactured 9/1985, came with a case and has never been lit. The literature is still there, as is the cardboard on the globe. Mantles are still in the bag inside the globe, too. I had I initially bought it to use, but almost feel bad doing that now. What say you? Should I light it and enjoy, or is a thirty year old "new" lantern something to be protected?

Hello and welcome from NC.  Great to have you here on the CCF.  I just spent a wonderful 2+ weeks in your state at the 24th World Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Glen Jean.

On your question, these lanterns aren't rare or particularly valuable, so lighting it woud not be a sin.  On the other hand, they weren't rare in the early 2-'s either, but if you had a pristine, unburned one in the box with all the papers today, it would be worth some serious coin. 
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Welcome from Texas. You will get a bunch of different opinions on what to do with it. I have several models about that old and if they unfired I leave them that way. But you probably can’t go wrong either way. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Hello and welcome from NZ.
Since you have other users, I'd probably leave it as is and think about how cool it is in a couple more decades, but that's just me.....and hoping I should have at least a couple of decades left lol

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Welcome from Kentucky, I spent 27 months in Beckley WV, not a bad place at all.
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Welcome to the forum from north Jersey.

Yeah, you'll get opinions on both sides, so here's mine.  🙂   It's only unfired once.  Once you light it, it'll just be another lantern.  Being unfired, if you decide to display any lanterns, it's a good candidate.  You have a bit of a time capsule because you have what someone purchased 34 years ago and it's in the exact same condition.   It's not all that common that lanterns or stoves live their lives never being fired up at least once.  I too have a NIB Powerhouse with case and I chose not to fire it when I got it.  I'm glad I never did because some months later I found a user one at a yard sale.


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Welcome from the far west part of WV.

As for lighting an unlit lantern, I debate the same thing. I cant bring myself to light one, so often I pass them along, just too much pressure and temptation.

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I work all over WV almost every week for 3-4 days a week.  Huntington tonight.  I go to the panhandle occasionally.

Welcome to the site.
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The easy solution, find another user Powerhouse.  Pretty soon you'll have five and wonder where they all came from.
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>>The easy solution, find another user Powerhouse.  Pretty soon you'll have five and wonder where they all came from.

Yes, they will reproduce.  That NIB one especially needs to be kept away from others as it's still a virgin and has a lot of pent up frustration.


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Welcome from Southern California
Bally Bill Coleman

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Wow, thanks, all! 

Im probably going to just sit it up on a shelf for now and see what happens. I still want to keep on the lookout for a gas Northstar as a user, unless anyone has a good reason not to. I can see how easy it is to convince yourself to buy “just one more” already. I picked up some propane lanterns cheap at yard sales last weekend, and while they certainly are very easy, they just don’t give me the same satisfaction.......
Welcome from next door (Maryland).  Hey, it's your lantern so enjoy it the way you want.
Richard (KC native and KU Alumni living in Maryland)
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Welcome from NW Ohio! I have a powerhouse that also came in a case unfired, I left it just the way it is too. I know it isnt too much of a desirable lantern, but it made it this far in life unburnt, I'll leave it go. You will find many more that you can burn and play with, its only unfired once. But thats totally up to you. Welcome to the club! 
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Welcome from Colorado!  Sounds like you have made your decision.....for now!😀
welcome and you live in one of the most beautiful states ever.
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