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I just picked up a 426 from Facebook for $20. I got it home and looked at it. It’s in good shape but it looks like it’s had a leak from the tank to generator connection for a while. I see newish Teflon tape in there. I’m dubious about just firing this thing up for obvious reasons. Should I take it apart and reseal it with plumbers putty? Is there a better solution? Or should I just man up and go for with hopes I don’t burn up my backyard? E8B02D95-43EA-4142-B4A6-5E4F6B704E1C.jpeg  6327406C-D85A-4A5A-94AF-22F55A36D6B7.png  804B84F6-15AF-48D7-B113-4E41378864F0.jpeg 
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    I think you should either yes, fix it with plumbers putty or something atleast better than Teflon tape, or use the thread sealer stuff that is on lanterns.
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It doesn't reallly need any sealer there but seems most of us put something on it.

Pipe tape is not the right stuff for that application, but...

Pump it up, see if it leaks.  Run it, cook something!
Follow Keith's suggestion to see if it leaks.   That leak residue you see may have occurred over many years.  I would not replace the teflon tape unless it's leaking, but if going back with tape, use the fuel rated yellow one.   It's possible the yellow tape is just marketing, I dunno.

You don't want to use anything not fuel rated where there's a seal on a lantern or stove.

Nice stove by the way, and welcome to the forum!


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
Looks like a good deal; I'd just pump it up, fire it up (all outside, of course), and go from there.
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Hello and welcome to the CCF, Shaggie.  Great to have you here.  That's a nice 426 and you got it for a very good price.  Enjoy.
- Courtenay
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BSAGuy wrote:
Hello and welcome to the CCF, Shaggie.  Great to have you here.  That's a nice 426 and you got it for a very good price.  Enjoy.

whats your connection to the BSA? I’m an ASM and Eagle. Thanks for the welcome.
Welcome to the forum Shaggie. 

Good advice above. I own multiple 426's and 3-burners from various companies. They are great if company is in camp. 
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Nice 426 
Welcome from Southern Arizona 
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Lanterns are like tools. 
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Welcome from Texas. That looks like too much trouble, better just send it to me. 😁
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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Maybe it leaked b4 the Teflon was installed and that fixed the leak. Try it (outside)out and go from there
No need to light it to see if that is leaking. Pump it up, observe, sniff. Nice 426.

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